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Items from "The VCU Collection": 27

Sunflower Newspaper, Volume 1, No. 14

A collage of images which documents the civil unrest taking place in the city of Richmond after the death of Dr. Martin Luther King. From The Sunflower, Richmond's first underground newspaper, which premiered in 1967.

Proscript Newspaper Article

An article on the "uprisings" taking place in universities across the nation after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King. From The Proscript, the student newspaper of The Richmond Professional Institute (RPI), published from 1939 until May of 1969.

Selected Mortality Rates by Color (1964)

Data documenting black and white rates of maternal and infant mortality.

Letter from Margaret R. Montgomery

A letter of support to Mrs. Crockford from Mrs. Margaret R. Montgomery.

School Desegregation Guidelines

A revised summary of explanation of the policies for school desegregation plans under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Death Rates for Selected Communicable Diseases, by Color 1964

1964 data on death rates by race for communicable diseases.

Letter from Mrs. W. H. Crockford, III

A 1970 letter from the Richmond School Board to Dr. Charles W. Johnson in response to his letter of support for busing.

Letter from Charles W. Johnson

A 1970 letter of support for busing from Charles W. Johnson, D.D.S., to the Richmond School Board.

George Wythe Salaries (1967)

A 1967 list of salaries for employees of George Wythe High School.

George Wythe High School Graduates (1969)

A list of graduates from George Wythe High School on June 29, 1969.